6 Crucial Google Key Ranking Factors You Need To Know

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to rank higher in SERPS. A good SEO campaign will help ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine results pages and increases traffic to your site. The keywords are usually targeted for a specific niche, which will help you get higher rankings for those specific keywords.

Google has its specific key ranking factors to boost your website’s organic presence by performing in various metrics above the rest. Learn more about each of them below.



The more backlinks a website has, the more Google assumes that site is important and authoritative. Google’s search crawlers will visit it more often to index its pages. The more often a site appears in the search engine results pages (SERP), the higher it ranks in Google’s key ranking factors.

The best way to gain more backlinks is through guest posting on high-quality sites. Guest posting will provide you with a link to your site and a link to the site that published your guest post. This gives Google a clear signal that a trusted website plans to partner with a small-known or relatively-known brand.

User Interaction

User Interaction

User interaction, also referred to as user engagement, measures how much time a user spends on a given page. The higher the user engagement, the more likely Google will rank that page higher in search results.

Brands can increase user interaction by offering a referral program that increases their organic presence. In addition, using media and content that makes it easy to share in social networks helps increase your web presence. Community and forum management are great and effective ways to build user engagement and interaction.

Domain Age and History

Domain Age and History

Domain age and history play an important role in increasing Google search rankings. An older domain, for instance, has a higher domain authority due to the long-term history.

Higher backlinks can increase your domain authority rankings, positively reflecting on your domain age and history record. As we’ve mentioned earlier, backlinks build slowly over time, revealing the trend that a long-term domain age and history is likely to be an authoritative website.


Keywords are the fundamental part of any website’s SEO strategy. It is crucial to choose the right keywords from the start and keep them throughout your site’s existence. In order to rank well in Google, you need a small number of keywords that are used over and over again on every page of your site.

In order to produce high-quality content, writers need to know what their audience is searching for. This information can be obtained by running keyword searches and using keyword suggestions from data. Once the most searched terms are identified, writers should also research-related words, synonyms and other semantic variations that are less competitive but still relevant.

Page Loading Speed

Search engines have become more and more sophisticated over time, and now use page loading speed to indicate how optimized your website is. A faster loading speed will result in higher rankings. A faster loading speed will often result in higher rankings.

Content Date

Content date and age have an important role in increasing Google rankings and SEO when it is relevant and up-to-date. Most search engines, including Google, like to see content that is fresh and is updated frequently. Aged content will likely have a lower ranking unless they’re “evergreen” and adds value to new and old subscribers.


Google ranking factors become more fragmented as you get into further detail. However, these basic ranking factors will surely indicate a huge boost to your ongoing search engine marketing campaigns — give them a try today!

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