A Basic Guide to Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are at the core of all SEO-related strategies. They serve as the bridge between contents and the search intent of users. As diverse as the words in the dictionary though, keywords are not created equal. Some are more competitive, while some are very specific or have local intent.

The longer a keyword is, the more specific they become. Take for example, how a simple keyword such as “buy shirt” can become more particular when you use a long-tail variation such as “buy printed shirt for men.” Many digital marketers define long-tail keywords as search terms composed of at least three words, while others use a different criterion on defining such keywords.

Digital marketing companies in Hong Kong recommended long-tail keywords, because they are less competitive than shorter search terms and they tend to be easier to rank for. The specificity that comes with these phrases is a sign that the user already know what they want or need and are more likely to make a purchase. From a marketing perspective, this simply presents an opportunity to lead them down the conversion tunnel. So if you are an online seller of men’s t-shirts, you might as well have greater chances to attract qualified customer when you use the above-mentioned example of long-tail keyword.

Short-tail keywords are basic search terms that are very competitive in nature. Just imagine how many sellers and brands are optimizing their content and website for a “buy shirt” keyword. You have very little chances of ranking for it, especially when the more established brands and sellers are already dominating the rankings.

It pays to consider optimizing for long-tail keywords. In a highly competitive online business world you have to outsmart others so you can achieve online success. And your way to success starts with choosing the right keywords to optimize for. 

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