How Will SEO Look Like in the Year 2020?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a fast-paced marketing discipline. If there’s one thing constant about it, it’s the fact that things are constantly changing and moving. Looking back to how it started, you’ll be surprised as to how unrecognisable it has become. The practices you’ve known from before may not be as effective and useful now. For someone working in this field, making immediate adjustments and recognising instant changes is among the skills one must possess.

For years now, search engine optimisation services have been bombarded with endless flow of changes. That’s why many digital marketers are often hurdled with what to do next. With all the trends going around, it’s important you know what updates to implement. To help lessen this burden, here are some of the biggest changes you’ll have to look forward to for 2020.

SEO Strategies 2020

Optimise for Mobile Search

As mobile users continue to dominate online searches, Google has taken a step to follow this trend. The search engine has launched algorithm updates focusing on them. The mobile-first and mobile-friendly update. The idea behind this approach is to make websites easier and more convenient to use whenever people use their mobile devices to search for something. Right now, it is no secret as to how mobile has taken control of online searches. So if you want to target this audience, you have to ensure that your website is optimised for both mobile and desktop view.

Understand Technical SEO

In case you haven’t heard about technical SEO, it’s about time you pay attention to it. More than just targeting your audience, this specific branch of SEO focuses on giving search engines easy access to your website. Aside from that, technical SEO is responsible in improving the overall experience of users whenever they visit your site. This particular branch deals with the technical foundation of a website – including the canonical corrections, code errors and etc. Any issues on this particular element can immensely affect user experience as well as crawler access.

The Value of Structured Data

While high-quality content has great weight on your SEO campaign, search engines may still look at it differently. This is where structured data comes in. The idea behind this content format is to give search engine hints on what a particular web page is all about. With this set up, you can guide Google, Bing and other search engines to deliver accurate results whenever user searches for it. When done right, structured data can become a powerful marketing tool to gain better results.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaigns. This is why businesses should pay extra attention on this element. Over time, however, Google has become extremely particular on what to show and what they deem relevant. From being “search-focused” engine, Google has evolved as an answer engine. This means that rather than set of phrases, your keywords should become topics itself. So, aside from what you’re offering, your pick must also be a potential answer to queries of users. This will give your website better standing on search results page.

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SEO has indeed changed a lot, but the basic principle behind why it appears remains the same – that’s none other than giving users the answer they need if they search for something. As long as you stick with this idea, your campaign is sure to go a long way. Additionally, be sure to apply these strategies to further ensure the success of your SEO campaign.

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