Protect your Site from Google Penalties

A flatlined traffic is the last thing you would want to see when you open your Google Analytics. This scenario can happen if a search engine giant penalizes your site. Some experts in SEO in Hong Kong say that penalties are not just because of changes in Google’s algorithms, but also because of negligence.

Here are a few ways to prevent your site from getting penalties: 

Monitor your link profile

Buying and selling links and link exchanges are considered spammy by Google. If your site is found practicing black hat link building, Google will surely penalize you. Look for organic ways to get backlinks. To avoid unnatural links on your website, you should regular monitor your link profile.

Prevent Negative SEO

Some competitors go out of their way to sabotage your site. One of the most common negative SEO tactics is getting a lot of spammy sites linked to yours. Google penalizes sites that they find to be doing spam link building. To fight this off, disavow the links from the spammy sites. 

Offer fresh and quality content

Google also imposes penalties to sites that has duplicate content or doorway pages. Prevent this from happening by coming up with your own quality content for your website.

Show the content right away

Google has made it clear that when users click on a result, the content should be displayed immediately. Some sites often show lots of advertisements before users get to the actual content, which break their experience. 

If your website has been penalized, you can always request Google to reevaluate your site. Need help? We’re here to show you how to rank the right way. 

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