So you run a good business and you have plenty of data at your fingertips. But what comes next? Next up is to effectively analyse that data and use it to your advantage. Great data is absolutely worthless without proper analysis.

Many experts and business managers can make data – from the same set – talk in different ways. But the key is to make it talk in your language and to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Interpretation can be subject to cognitive bias and with so many tools out there to choose and learn from – and so little time – you need to be in a position to analyse your data effectively and efficiently.

The Approach

You’ve come to the right place. At Concinnity, our team sits down with yours to listen to and learn about your story, your enterprise, your ethos and your business cases. We will help you define or review your data strategy, recommending the tools that will work for you and highlighting what methods of data analysis would strengthen your position in the market. During this audit, we will help you to establish your data analysis requirements and then it’s time to define and design an objective and an efficient data analysis solution for now – and for all the data you harvest in the future.

Our Services For Your Data Analysis

Your data analysis journey with us will take you through four major steps so that together we learn what you need, what can be done and what tools can help you...

Data auditing

is the starting block so that we can define the current state of the data for your business and establish what gaps you may have in your processes. We will use SWOT analysis – a strategic planning technique that will help you identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your processes and overall business.


provides insights on what the best solutions are for your company. Working with your team in getting the right data analytical tools is at the heart of this strategy. You will need to implement third party custom solutions so through a series of consultations, together we will be able to select the best for you.

Implementation & development

are the key steps you need to take on your data analysis journey. Ensuring the smooth implementation of your new or enhanced custom tools is a crucial step that Concinnity is highly experienced in, as is ensuring a smooth transition for you and your team when it comes to using the tools for maximum effect. Together, we will also develop reporting solutions using state-of-the-art visualisation and real time reporting tools.

Post-implementation system support

is the final step of our journey. Periodic data analysis reviews will be carried out so that you can assess the performance of your data solutions. General support will also be given over a period of time so that together we know you’re always getting the best out of your hard-earned data.