Every business needs to grow. And in today’s world, which has been shaped by a pandemic alongside modern ways of living, every business needs to grow online. Enterprises need a digital strategy to stay competitive and to be able to interact with targeted audiences online in real time. And this strategy must be scalable and be geared towards your growth and your success.

Under our ‘growth’ package, we help you build more audience, generate more leads, harvest a bigger community and grow in both your hearts and minds when it comes to digital strategy.

The Approach

We do things differently at Concinnity. We get to know you and your company, finding out what makes you and your customers tick and analysing your data to make sure we understand your products. You and your needs are important to us – and we create a digital strategy that works for you. For the best results, working hand-in-hand with you helps us create the most effective digital growth strategy for your business. And then, once the strategy is rolled out, we stay with you, continually analysing your progress and helping you come up with new campaigns every month so that your brand presence further increases and you experience more conversions. Your website will also be maintained, with your questions answered 24/7. In short, your success is ours too.

Our Services For Your Growth

As you begin your growth journey with us, we will focus on six key areas: SEO, CRO, website building (if you don’t already have one), website maintenance, paid media and EDMs.

SEO & Organic Exposure

stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. Creating the right content for your customer base is essential. Ranking it as high as possible on Google and other engines is crucial.

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Website building & maintenance

is a key factor in a business’ digital growth journey. We have built many successful websites and continually maintain them for our clients in order to make sure they are operating at maximum capacity for growth.

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Paid media

is just what it says. Online advertisements are still one of the most effective tools out there for a business to use – and we know how to most effectively use them to tell your company’s story and to generate all-important leads.

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Email Marketing & eDMs

or ‘electronic direct mail’ are similarly effective. You need your customer base to be regularly kept up to date with offers, news and services. Curating your EDMs and setting up your EDM automation – which saves time creating each EDM from scratch – as part of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – including marketing, sales, customer service and support – or by using a specialist tool will lead to your newsletters continually striking the right notes with your customer base, as well as helping to grow that base over time.

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