Why You Should Make Old Customers Come Back

Building brand loyalty can be the easiest or the hardest thing to do depending on your marketing strategy. This will be a challenge if you are only focusing on customers who have an immediate need, those who will buy but quickly move on. 

For the successful continuity of your business, you want customers to keep coming back. This is why your lead generation strategy in Hong Kong should include retargeting customers. Here’s why this matters: 

Not All Leads are Ready to Buy

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They might inquire about your products or services, but they could still be in the process of comparing several options. Your first goal is to position yourself to be their ultimate choice so that they will proceed with the transaction. Once that transaction is done, it’s important to remind them that you remain the best, so that they will not consider going back to their other options. 

Quality Leads Can be Walking Advertisements

You spend on your ads online, which takes a portion of your marketing budget. Offline, however, the best advertisement comes from referrals–those satisfied paying customers, who will talk about you to their peers and recommend your products and services whenever they’re asked. It’s their continued patronage that tells people you are worthy of repeat transactions. 

Older Customers are More Loyal


If you’ve ever wondered why your parents used the same detergent throughout your childhood, this is your answer. Once they have established their lifestyle using a certain product, it will take some drastic changes to shake their loyalty. This means that even though you don’t capture them at once, when you finally do, there is a high chance that they will stay with you for a long time. 

Keeping the business alive is not just about getting new customers every month. It’s better to build a loyal following through retargeting and lead nurturing practices, so that your customers will turn into your best advertisers. 

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