Lead Generation Case Study


KPMG wanted to attract talent for it’s annual hiring event. Not having the best response in the past year they wanted the project to be handled by a Lead Generation Specialist firm. The Original target was to attract 300+ students for the annual webinar, which would then translate into interested students applying for internships at the firm.


Bespoke Strategies are built for each project based on its goals and objectives. Competitive Research, SEO, CRO for landing pages in combination with advanced ad techniques helped get best results. RESULTS: Trial Page converted at 7%. Learnings from that page were then implemented to get pages that converted at 20% and 30% Total of 599 lead collected in 8 weeks against the target of 300.

"Your leaders can’t read your mind.”

- Lynne Doughtie -

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization That Goes Beyond Rankings Jumpstart your online presence with our SEO experts in Hong Kong. Concinnity provides you with high-level SEO to gain an edge in digital marketing industry. Map out the digital success of your business with the help of Concinnity Limited. Our company specializes in providing competitive digital marketing services…

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We Drive Digital Success.

The Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong Concinnity provides your business with the digital ammunition you will need to grow and establish your brand online.

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Lead Generation

Finding leads is one of the challenges of many business. How do you maintain a consistent amount of leads? How do you convert them into paying customers? Our team can answer.

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Social Media Marketing.

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