Good businesses are only as good as their data. And data is only as valuable as its usability. Without proper data architecture, the information your company garners can be hoarded and wasted, without ever being used effectively. In this case, your business is missing out on the sort of intel that will help you grow, improve, learn from mistakes and succeed.

Access to data is paramount across all functions of a business and to all of its stakeholders. Data architecture is composed of a system of models and rules that govern how your data is collected, stored and put to use. It’s crucial to get it right and avoid any wasted opportunities.

The Approach

When you work with us, we focus on the flexibility and robustness of your data architecture and the systems you use. We hear your needs, planning for the future usage and gathering of data and then we find out the most appropriate methods to serve you at present and well into the future. The idea is to make sure that you stay in complete control of your data and don’t allow any hosting vendors to prevent you accessing every tiny bit of information that could be essential to you in the long run. There are some simple and some detailed approaches that can be taken to make sure you’ve got all the information you need to make the decisions that will affect the future of your enterprise.

Our Services For Your Data

Your data should be exactly that: your data. We use four key steps to make sure you stay in control and keep every bit of information so you can use it to your advantage...

Technology auditing

is the first step. Investigating every piece of technology you use in your business is a crucial step on the road to Concinnity understanding what you have got and what you need. We use SWOT analysis – a strategic planning technique to help you identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in relation to your business, your competition and your project planning procedures.


with us is the second step. Working with your team in getting the right data architecture is at the heart of this strategy. We look at all sorts of data architecture solutions and we help set your goals when it comes to their implementation.


is the key step, alongside the actual development of these solutions. Building and implementing the most suitable solution for your business and its future is vital for your success. You will also learn the best ways to use your new solutions to get the best out of them.

Post-implementation system support

is the last step. Periodic data architecture reviews will be carried out so that you are always in a position to assess the performance of your data solutions and system. Whenever new requirements are needed then adaptations to your programme will be made hand-in-hand with you, including general support over a period of time and training for you and your team wherever and whenever necessary.