SEO Audit Report

SEO Audit Report. Get a full in-depth analysis of your website. Concinnity Limited offers comprehensive website SEO audit to assess and improve the performance of your business site. We provide detailed report to support and take your digital marketing campaigns to a whole new level. There's a wide-range of audit services we do to search and look for possible issues that you need to work on. From basic analysis to more technical SEO audit, we can help you with everything you need.

What Are We Offering?

Here at Concinnity Limited, we perform all types of website SEO audit. Among the reports we can provide you include:

Website SEO Audit

This is the most standard type of audit which encompasses all the on page and off-page elements of a website. We have experts who would do a complete website assessment of your site's structure. From meta data, webpages to the traffic, our comprehensive website SEO audit can cover these things. Before running any campaign, we often recommend to perform an audit. Whether it is a new or old website, it is a must to do this step. This can serve as our guide to figure out what further improvements does your website needs.


Technical SEO Audit

Having a website is not enough, you have to ensure that yours is also optimised for web crawlers and users. Through our technical SEO audit, you'll get an extensive report on how you could improve the structure of your website. We perform code to code analysis to ensure there are no errors on site. Many times, businesses fail to look at the technicalities of their website. As a result, they encounter trouble in indexing and crawling your site.

Local SEO Audit

For local businesses, we can run a complete SEO audit report for your website. This is to identify which areas need improvement or if there's any issues that needs to be addressed. Our services span through onsite and off-site initiatives to ensure your campaign will run smoothly. We provide this service for all types of businesses. From real estate to law offices down to local store, we will assist you in any way we can.

Competitive Website Audit

Our SEO audit service also include extensive competitive website audit. This report helps you see and learn where you stand among your competitors in the marketing. This is recommended for businesses who want to find out their edge in the industry. Our process involves running an audit report, then come up with strategies you could use. Through our process, we can ensure that you'll gain greater advantage on the competition.

Backlink Audit & Analysis

Another audit service we're offering is the backlink audit. We highly recommend this type of audit to websites who've used digital marketing service before. This would allow us to check and review the link structure of your website. It is necessary to do this audit because to find out if there are links or sources that can hinder your future initiatives. We've encountered businesses who skipped this method and end up regretting their decision. To ensure your backlinks are good ones, SEO link analysis and audit is a must.

If you need any other SEO audit services, feel free to reach out to our team. Here at Concinnity Limited, we try to help our clients with any reports they need. Trust that we will fulfill your requests in any way we can. Get in touch to one of our specialist now for a comprehensive audit service. Send in your queries at: or call us at: +852 9842-7047 for more details.