5 Leading Content Marketing Trends in 2022

The possibilities of content marketing are endless. It can be used for anything from marketing your products or services to engaging with your audience. Most notably, content marketing is a powerful way to build trust and relationships with your audience and customers.

This 2022, many of content marketing’s cornerstone practices remain the same while other aspects have drastically changed. Most trends this year focus on qualitative changes that remain rooted to data-backed practices. Learn more about each of them below.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is an approach to content creation that compares a variant or version of any content web page with its original version. It remains a viable practice as it discovers the content or on-page user experience and interface that visitors prefer better.

A/B Testing

These tests are crucial for successful content marketing because they can discover successful versions of two different content variations with data collected from the tests as its core principle. A/B testing has successfully improved blog posts and websites, and it will continue to do so in the next 5-10 years.

Video Marketing

As soon as web browsers had video-playing capabilities and related software, video marketing became a cornerstone of digital marketing. Its efficiency in campaigns is undeniable because videos are much more engaging and easier to share in social media. Plus, high-quality video is replayable and easier to digest as review materials.

video marketing

With this in mind, all successful digital marketing campaigns will likely invest in videos with excellent scripts, informative, and visually captivating. Doing so will help generate more click-throughs, increase visibility, and allow for more interaction with viewers.

Content Ambassadors

Content ambassadors help with brand awareness, networking, and other online marketing activities. Many marketers continue to depend on ambassadors and influencers with followers because of the way they can use empathy and informative video content to attract audiences.

Content Ambassadors

Ambassadors and celebrities can use their “star power” to motivate consumers to purchase their products or services, but marketers must make sure that they’re brand-relevant and use language that reflects the brand’s values.


Interactivity is important in content campaigns because it engages the audience and helps them to feel more connected to the content. The most popular ways to create interactive content are through video games, online video, and virtual reality.


Many companies are finding that video games are effective at uniquely connecting with consumers. Video games can be used to engage audiences from young children to seniors. Interactive digital campaign content also offers the opportunity to reach new audiences and for marketers to better understand how gamers perceive their brand.

With these in mind, interactive content will most likely reach new heights in terms of use and features in the next 5-10 years.


5 Leading Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Empathic content is a term used to describe an individual’s emotional or affective response. Empathy is often defined as the ability of an individual to understand and share the subjective experience.

Creators typically utilize empathic content to build a bond with their audience. It can be used to convey various emotional responses, such as sadness, joy or fear. Content built around these principles will most likely see much more implementation in the future.


Content marketing trends continue to evolve with many tried and proven practices establishing themselves as mainstays and previously-minor components becoming much more prominent today. Apply these principles to see success in your upcoming campaigns.

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