Link Between Local SEO and Social Media Marketing Efforts

Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves strategies aimed to improve a website’s visibility in local searches. Local searches are important because google takes into account the user’s location when producing a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is especially crucial for businesses in need of foot traffic. 

Local SEO Hong Kong

Google has improved its algorithms for a better user experience. Through the years they discovered that searches related to certain needs are asking for results that are within their general area. This prompted Google to change the way local SEO is picked up. In addition to GPS-provided location from mobile devices, search engines also look into search history and dynamics when providing local search results. 

Local searches are more likely to produce immediate leads for businesses. A user who is searching for food places at noon will probably go to a restaurant in the SERP in a few minutes. 

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been challenging existing digital channels for years. With the explosive growth of users in the past decade, social media has affected life culture globally. It went beyond the social facet and influenced industries and business sectors.

Social media marketing uses the power of social media to launch campaigns for its brands. The most popular social media platforms that are used in marketing strategies are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Marketers bank on the platform’s connection and interaction capacity to create as many leads as possible. 

The modern world had given individuals the tool to reach the world with a click of a button. Social media became the instrument for exchanges between marketers and consumers without the need to break physical barriers. 

The Rise of Mobile Devices

SEO on Mobile devices

Social media and local SEO flourished when smartphones became popular. Mobile devices have become more accessible and affordable with today’s technological advancements. 

Handheld devices gave social media platform users the power of instant reaction. The boom in social media platforms would not have been possible if there were no tools to serve the quality of interaction it offers.

Local SEO has been around for a long time but provided limited improvements in location-based searches since computers do not have the portability of mobile devices.

Overlaps in Social Media and Local SEO

While there is no proven trace of a direct connection between social media content and general SEO rankings, its connection to local SEO might be a little different. 

There is still no way google will crawl through billions of social media posts to add to its SEO considerations. But, proper social media marketing might just give your business a Local SEO edge.

An optimized social media account provides valuable bio information including the company address which can lead them to search for the brand on a different google. There is also the option of using landing pages in social media posts which in itself does nothing for SEO but leads the user to the brand’s page, instantly adding to website traffic.

A great number of strategies can be implemented to build a sales funnel using your social media accounts. There are Hong Kong SEO experts that can do this service for you. Get expert advice on SEO best practices by reaching out to Concinnity Limited. Boost local SEO by partnering up with people who understand how local searches work.

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