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Search engines prefer pages with keywords appearing on the top-fold, according to SEO service provider Hong Kong, so consider mentioning them at the content’s top portion.

Basic Content Optimization Strategies that Boost On-page SEO

According to a Google report, a good sign of information’s relevancy is “when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query.” This underlines the great importance of optimized webpage content not just for the users, but also to the search engines. This is the reason on-page SEO remains an indispensable aspect of optimization…

Basic Guide to Performing a Keyword Research

Basic Guide to Performing a Keyword Research

Whether you wish to handle your own business’s SEO campaign or you wish to tap the best SEO services in Hong Kong, it pays to have a basic understanding of keyword research. Here is a short guide to what this process is all about and how it is carried out. What is keyword research? Keyword…

Secrets to a Powerful SEO Content

Secrets to a Powerful SEO Content

Content is one of the most important elements in digital marketing, most especially when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). SEO content comes in different forms but the ultimate goal is to gain search engine traffic. But to meet this particular objective, content has to be properly optimized aside from being efficiently crafted and…

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Three Things to Include on your Digital Marketing Strategy

A solid and comprehensive marketing strategy is a requirement for the success of any business. With the nonstop growth of digital platforms and channels, you must always be ahead of the competition by using some tried and tested strategies. Here are four of the most important digital marketing strategies you should absolutely consider for your…

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Transform your Facebook Page into a Powerful Marketing Tool

We are living in a world where almost everyone is on Facebook. And by that, almost every customer on the planet is on the social media site, one click closer to knowing your brand. Due to the social network’s nonstop rise to popularity, it has also grown to become an avenue to do marketing. But…

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Reasons to Pay Attention to your Video Marketing Efforts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a comprehensive process that involves different strategies and content forms. Video, in particular, is rapidly becoming a popular marketing tool these days as online users prefer content types that are convenient and consumable on the go. If you are looking to give your SEO or digital marketing campaign a boost,…

SEO in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

SEO in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-9 pandemic has caused major adjustments in just about every aspect of our living. In the business world, in particular, drastic changes were implemented and new trends emerged. Many economies were affected by the lockdowns and various restrictions set by governments to protect the public. Despite the threats of the pandemic to businesses, experts…

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A Basic Guide to Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are at the core of all SEO-related strategies. They serve as the bridge between contents and the search intent of users. As diverse as the words in the dictionary though, keywords are not created equal. Some are more competitive, while some are very specific or have local intent. The longer a keyword is, the…

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The Art of Content Creation: 5 Things to Make You Better at Content Writing

Many of you would probably agree when people say that writing is also considered as a form of art. Just like a typical artist who sculpts, paints, and plays music, you also need skills and talent to become a proficient writer. If you’re able to write engaging and high-quality content, many would call you gifted. …

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Three Elements of a Highly Effective Website Design

A website is an indispensable tool for many businesses today. But in many cases, it can make or break the reputation of a business. Poor content, slow loading pages, and unprofessional look can simply tarnish its online image. For a website to contribute to the online success of a business, a good website design is…

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