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The Dos and Don’ts in SEO: Quick Tips for Businesses

The process and techniques in search engine optimization are constantly evolving. In the old days of SEO, techniques involve a lot of tricking the system. Now, doing that would probably get your website penalized. Because of this, keeping updated with development in SEO tactics in is important to get your desired results and to stay…

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The Best and Free SEO Tools You Need

They say nothing good in life is free – but not when it comes to free tools in SEO field. Free tools are awesome – especially when they help you uncover data that can improve your website’s performance. You’ll find thousands of SEO tools online, but some are more effective and powerful than others. Here…

digital sustainability (EMAT)

Why Businesses Should Strive to Achieve Digital Sustainability

There was an actual conflict between meeting our basic needs and preventing the planet’s devastation for a long time. There were no known methods for providing enough food, basic mobility, and structures for universal sustenance, housing, and survival without destroying the world. With digitalization, we can now meet our basic requirements in a sustainable manner…

Green Web

What Is Green Web and How Does It Work

Web hosting companies use a lot of energy to run their servers and server farms so they can give round-the-clock services. Other features, such as cooling controls and upgraded security settings, also consume a significant amount of electricity.  The use of so much energy has a negative influence on the environment. As the name implies,…

Green Audit

Why Green Audit Matters Today

A green audit is a method of demonstrating to businesses their carbon footprint and providing recommendations for reducing it. The inspection of a firm to analyze the whole environmental impact of its activities or of a specific product or process is known as a green audit. It’s critical to distinguish between auditing and other procedures…

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White vs. Black SEO: What are the Differences?

SEO is a large industry. Because of this, you will realize there are tons of techniques in approaching site optimization. You might begin to wonder what the best tactic is to adapt for your site.  Although most of SEO tactics can work, there is still no definite answer as to what tactic works best because…

Everything Green

Can Blockchain Technology and Sustainability Coexist?

Environmental problems have been one of the most pressing issues all countries are facing. Throughout the years, various factors have damaged the environment, resulting in global warming and climate change. Ice on rivers and lakes has melted up, glaciers have shrunk, trees have begun to bloom earlier, and plant and animal ranges have altered. Prolonged,…

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Best SEO Tips for Beginners

SEO can be very challenging to grasp. However, once you get the hang of it, SEO can be one of the most powerful marketing strategies for your business. If you are still a neophyte in the world of SEO, here are some basic tips to keep in mind as a beginner to help you optimize…

Everything Green

Why Going Green Is Important: Continually Moving Towards Technological Advancement

As the world moves towards digitalization, the demand for advanced technological products has been continually increasing. With the production of technological products and the increase in energy consumption, promoting sustainability has become one of the priorities of countries like Hong Kong.  In 2017, Hong Kong launched the Climate Action Plan 2030 that aims to encourage…

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Five Reasons You Should Invest in SEO

SEO is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies in making your business stand out. It helps build brand awareness as people are more likely to trust brands that appear first on search engine results pages. When you are a small business owner, utilizing SEO to create a strong web presence will take…

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