5 New Social Media Networks Dominating in 2022

When we say social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading brands that come to mind. These three may be household names, but new players on the block consistently gain members incrementally daily.

This 2022, Twitch, Discord, and Caffeine have seen a sharp user population rise since their respective inceptions years or decades ago. Here are five upcoming big-name social networks


Twitch is a live streaming video platform that primarily focuses on video game live streams, including gameplay of popular video games, broadcasts of e-sports competitions, and more.

The major selling point of Twitch is that it supports the “social watching or streaming” of gaming content. This means viewers can chat with the game streamer and other viewers to the side of the game screen. Many Twitch stars earn a living from game streaming or unconventional broadcasted content, boosting the platform’s popularity.


TikTok is a short video-sharing app with over half a billion downloads. It is the most popular social media app among teenagers and yuppie age groups. The social network’s main selling point is the ability to make short videos with a built-in editor.

Some of TikTok’s features are stickers, filters, and music from its in-app library, which has contributed to its popularity through the years.


Discord is a free voice and text chat app for gamers. The main selling point is the ability to chat with your friends while you play games and the ease of joining a chat or inviting friends from other services.

Discord has gained popularity and continues to grow because of its many features, such as in-game text chat, personalized gaming servers, and a game discovery tool. It also showed its potential as a workplace communication tool for businesses.


The Caffeine social broadcasting app is live video streaming and a marketplace for broadcasters of all stripes to create, edit, and share their content with viewers. It is a mobile social broadcast app that lets you share live videos, chat with your audience, and earn revenue.

Caffeine has grown its popularity through the years, thanks to many community leaders and influencers increasing its user population consistently in the past few years. While it’s still early to say if Caffeine can get any bigger, its traction shows its full potential in the future.


Clubhouse is an online collaboration and social networking service that helps people connect with others who share their interests and hobbies. Clubhouse can be used for various purposes, including project management, project-sharing, and networking.

Clubhouse has three main features:

  • A Connections feature where members can create profiles for themselves, explore other members’ profiles to find connections and contact each other.
  • A Project feature that enables members to share projects, documents and other files with the community.
  • An Events feature where members can search and post their own events, or browse events posted by other members.


Choosing the best social network aside from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can give your business a publishing edge and establish your name in the industry. Choose from these social networks to plant your roots and ride their rocket to success.

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