7 Quick Steps to Make a Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

Over 59% of the world today has access to the internet and uses it for their primary information needs about products and services. For sure, your target audience can find your brand through social network advertisements or friend recommendations. In some cases, a quick search engine query will showcase your brand to your audience.

And when that happens, your website should answer the audience’s primary questions, which can present your brand as an authority and your products as a solution to their issues. You can easily achieve this by using these seven easy-to-implement steps to create a successful digital marketing strategy suited for your brand.

Have an Accurate Understanding Of Your Target Audience

You have a good understanding of your brand and the products or services you showcase. But, you only have an inkling about who would use your brand. The first step to a successful marketing strategy is to finalize your target audience’s attitudes, behaviors, and pain points.

To better understand your customer, you can do online surveys that provide customers with small tokens, coupons, or other items in exchange. Online surveys and actual focused group discussions allow you to understand the ideas of specific demographics and how your products and services impact their lives.

Set Realistic Goals

The SMART goal-setting approach is a frequently-used tool by marketers to set realistic goals. This approach is defined as:

  • Specific: A specific goal is something that can be measured and tracked. When you have a clear and tangible end result, you know what you’re aiming for and how close you’re coming to achieving it.
  • Measurable: The best way to make sure you’re approaching the goal is to make sure it’s measurable.
  • Achievable: An achievable goal has a clear path to completion.
  • Realistic: A relevant goal is in line with your purpose and values.
  • Time-bound: A time-bound goal has a set end date.

Analyze Which Media Best Presents Your Brand

It is important to analyze the best form of media in marketing because it helps make a brand recognizable and memorable. Doing so impacts the quality of a campaign by fully relaying its message to the target audience.

For example, appliance marketing campaigns can use videos to show the products or services and highlight their benefits. Alternatively, cleaning companies can showcase the special tools and methods that set them apart from the competition.

Create Customer Personas

Create Customer Personas

A customer persona is a fictional representation of a target customer based on data about their demographics, psychographics, and behaviors. They are used to help marketers understand their customers and create a marketing strategy.

Customer personas help you create excellent sales funnels and content marketing strategies by going through every question, decision-making process, and other specific situations your ideal customers face when they read about and consume content about your brand.

Develop a Well-Made Sales Funnel

A marketing funnel is a series of actions taken to reach, convert and engage with a target audience to achieve marketing goals. The structure of the process can be applied to many types of sales, from lead generation to selling products or services, including seminars and events.

Here are the different parts of a sales funnel:

  • Awareness – The stage when people are introduced to the idea of a sale or event. This stage can be defined as “how much do people know about your product and what’s involved.”
  • Consideration – This is when prospects start to investigate the sale and its benefits. Websites, advertisements, email campaigns, social media posts and other content can be used to increase an audience’s brand consideration
  • Conversion – The step where customers receive content that pushes and convinces them to make a purchase. Direct response marketing can help people make a sale through time-limited offers and discounts.
  • Loyalty – This is when customers are retained, and repeat purchases are made. These make customers much more valuable than a regular customer.

Create a Content Strategy Coinciding With Your Sales Funnel

sales funnel

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating and distributing content that is valuable to a company’s customers. The content can be in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, or any other media that is appropriate for the company’s audience.

Most companies depend on a content marketing team to create blogs, videos, images, and content calendars that will help represent the brand to audiences during the most ideal periods.

Always Test, Measure and Learn

Always Test, Measure and Learn

The more data you have, the better understanding you will have of the campaign and what worked and what didn’t. Every campaign that is executed will provide new data points. By keeping track of all of the data points, you will be able to make decisions on what might be a good strategy for the future.

The best-case scenario is that your campaign generates many viral mentions, inbound links, and social shares. However, if you don’t get this result quickly and you are unsure what to do next, there might be some data points that could help you figure it out.


Digital marketing strategies for brands can be a time-consuming process. However, if done well and effectively using data, you can create your brand’s high reputation and achieve exceptional results. Follow these steps, and we’re sure that you’ll make the most successful campaigns in the future.

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