A Guide to a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

The video marketing industry all boils down to creativity and technique. As most of the brands in the market utilize videos for their campaigns, social media platforms are definitely saturated with different kinds of videos. The question now is, how can a video stand out from all those?

Here are some guides to make your videos stand out:

Television video formats do not work online

Users are much less patient when seeing ads online. While a lot of brands insert their ads in the middle of videos, this just might turn your audience away rather than get a positive reaction. Television commercials are typically around 30-40 seconds and are not skippable. This is something that companies with online ads should avoid. 

Make the first five seconds of the video impactful

The first five seconds of your video is crucial. This will determine if your audience will leave right away, or stay and watch the entire video. Experts in video production services in Hong Kong agree that you have to hook them in right using the first-few frames and with a compelling audio.

Videos must be appealing even on mute

Social media platform allows videos to auto-play, but without sounds unless they tap on it. So, it is important for you to create a video with high-quality visuals or entertaining enough even without any audio on. 

Videos must target the right audience

Majority of the active users in social media are from the younger generation. If you are targeting a different market, you have to create a video that will appeal to that specific market. 

One of the best ways to come up with the right video for your brand is to team up with video production companies. They will help you determine what are the latest trends that is fit for your business. If you want to consult about your videos for marketing campaigns, we’d love to share our insights. 

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