A Quick Guide to Local SEO Marketing

Local Search Engine Marketing, more popularly known as Local SEO is a way to use online platforms to promote your local business. It is an effective way to introduce your products or services to the local market at the very moment they are searching for them online.

local business seo

Local SEO is done through different techniques, some of which vary from traditional SEO practices. Some of these methods can be easily managed using local SEO tools while others may need particular services from a local SEO company in Hong Kong.

Searches with “local intent”

Forty six percent (46%) of Google searches have a “local intent.” Any company with solid online authority and practices good SEO can rank for queries such as “how to fix a wet phone.” But when the search is done with the intention of hiring a service, the better query would be “phone technician near me” or perhaps “phone repair in [city name].”

Searches that include a location or “near me” have a local intent, which signal search engines that the user is in need of business suggestions or a list of service providers in the location. As a result, the search engines would provide a great number of options in their local search engine results pages. This highlights the incredible importance of local SEO and why companies should start focusing on it alongside traditional SEO.

Google My Business

google my business

Google My Business (GMB) is a tool you can use to manage your company’s profile across Google. It is basically your company’s profile that appears on Google Map search results and local packs. Also known previously as Google Local, it usually appears at the top right of a branded search for a business or the top area when the search is done through a mobile device.

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Keeping your GMB profile updated and accurate helps you boost your local SEO efforts. It is one effective way to increase your chances of being included in the local pack. To learn how to make a winning GMB, it’s best to consult with experts in local SEO near you. As MOZ puts it, a solid SEO strategy is your first step to put your business on the map, so start exploring your options as you go local. 

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