Anatomy of the Perfect Above the Fold

The average span of human’s attention is eight seconds. In this fast-paced modern world, it could be much shorter than that. From a marketer’s perspective, a good copy or content must do its magic in that very little time.

This is the reason above the fold takes a great priority when it comes to website design. It is the part of a web page that appears on the browser window when the page first loads. To capture the attention of a visitor, the above the fold content has to be compelling and attractive. Its content and features must be laid out neatly to create positive first impression.

Let us take a look at other factors that make an excellent above the fold.


Above the fold should not be congested or busy. It has to be organized, professional-looking, and user-friendly. Effective above the folds feature a quality image or multimedia along with an introductory headline. It must also have a short description of the page and a glimpse of what to expect upon scrolling down.


Content matters very much in the precious real estate of webpages. To make it worth the visitor’s time and attention, it should be engaging. Elements such as headlines, body text, colors must match the brand’s unique identity. The voice of the content and the page colors, for instance, must mirror the brand image.


For business websites, it is a smart practice to place key call-to-actions (CTAs) on the above the fold. Increased visibility translates to better conversion rates, so it pays to incorporate this element on this part of the webpage.

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