Basic Content Optimization Strategies that Boost On-page SEO

According to a Google report, a good sign of information’s relevancy is “when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query.” This underlines the great importance of optimized webpage content not just for the users, but also to the search engines. This is the reason on-page SEO remains an indispensable aspect of optimization for any business with online presence.

content optimization strategy

In a nutshell, on-page or on-site SEO is mainly concerned about optimizing webpage content so that it satisfies the needs of the page visitor and the requirements of the search engines that index these pages whenever a user performs an online search. As its focus is on the elements of the page itself, on-page SEO touches on all types of content in the page, including title tags, URLs, internal links, and more.

Content Optimization

To begin with, a page’s content must be highly relevant to the needs of the user who performed the search. It must be unique and original, and of good quality.

As for the keywords, the main term must appear once in the first 100-150 words of the copy. Search engines prefer pages with keywords appearing on the top-fold, according to SEO service provider Hong Kong, so consider mentioning them at the content’s top portion.

There is no clear rule when it comes to the ideal number of keywords to appear on the content. One thing is for sure though: the search engines like it when keywords are naturally blended on the content and not simply mentioned for the sake of inserting the keywords.

Title and description tags might seem like minute details, but they do carry a significant weight in SEO. Their role is to give the search engines’ crawlers a quick idea on what the page is about. An optimized title tag is one that is at the beginning of the content and is keyword-rich as much as possible. As for the descriptions, they have to be unique and keyword-optimized.

Content is and will always be king in SEO. And when it comes to on-page SEO, unique, quality, and optimized content can make a huge difference to the reputation of your page and by extension, the website itself. Pay attention to your on-page content and surely, everything else will follow.

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