Boost your Social Media Lead Generation with these Techniques

In case you don’t know yet, more than half of the world’s population now uses social media. This means an incredible number of users of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other online platforms. What this means to businesses is more opportunities to make connections, market products, and generate leads. But how do you turn your social media accounts into lead-generating machines?

Optimize your profile

Start by preparing your social media profiles. Users must have easy access to vital information such as your contact information and other means to respond to inquiries. Add call-to-action buttons on your profile page for their convenience. 

Create gated content

Gated content are special content only made available to a follower after they sign up or provide their email address. With attractive and convincing gated content offering, you can get a steady stream of leads. 

Use chatbots

Chatbots help businesses establish better connection with potential leads by providing them the exact information that they need. They are also capable of understanding a person’s intentions; thus you are able to personalize your messages, content, and offers.

Use social analytics tools

Use Google Analytics to track leads on your website. Find out which channel gives you more leads. If Facebook performs way better than Twitter, then you might as well focus more on it. Use tools to identify the best type of content and messaging to use as well.

To succeed on your social media lead generation campaign, you must learn to use your resources and platforms wisely. While lead generation services are available, most features of social channels are free and easy to use. Still, never hesitate to consult with the experts for a more surefire execution of your campaign.

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