Ensuring an Organized Website – What is Website Taxonomy?

We are now in the Digital Age. Almost everyone has access to the Internet and almost everything can be seen online. With this, anything can be Google-ed, advertised, and promoted online.

Apart from social media, there are companies or organizations preferring to have their own website in order for people to easily see and discover everything they need to know about the business. This is why people visit one website after another to get as much information they need.

As some websites link to various sources – whether inside or outside of the site – there is a need to ensure a proper organization of website content. This is because the overall architecture and structure of a website can easily turn it into an exhilarating source of information or another form of clutter.

Thankfully, businesses can work with an SEO company in Hong Kong to ensure proper website taxonomy.

What is a Website Taxonomy?

Website taxonomy refers to the process of creating a classification system into ordered categories and creating a structure for a specific website. This allows those who are visiting the website to easily navigate through the pages. In addition, it allows them to easily find the content that they need.

Benefits of Website Taxonomy

There are several benefits that comes with creating a website taxonomy. Here are some of them:

Provides Visitors with the Content They Need

website taxonomy silo

Website taxonomy allows visitors to easily find the content that they are looking for within the site. This is because website taxonomy has the property of organizing content related to one another. This means that when a visitor searches for the specific topic, everything related to it will appear for their convenience.

Improves Engagement

As the website taxonomy allows visitors to search for everything related to the specific topic they are looking for, this allows an improved and better communication between the website owner and the visitor. This gives the clients better information and exceeds their expectations regarding searches. In turn, this will keep them engaged with the site and drive more click-ability.

Improves User Search Experience

Another benefit of having website taxonomy is the improved search experience. Basic searches allow users to find what they need using keywords from the content.However, website taxonomy brings all of this to another level. It increases the search experience of a visitor by providing suggestions that are related to their query or may be interesting to them.

More Chances to be Crawled and Indexed

As site content is more organized, search engine bots can better understand what the website is about. They can easily see which topics are related to one another, which links point to the right content, and what the hierarchy of the pages is. In turn, search engine bots can crawl, index, and rank the right pages more efficiently.

Businesses should always make sure they have an organized website, and this is something they can achieve with proper use of website taxonomy. Concinnity Limited, an SEO agency in Hong Kong, can get the job done. We will make sure your website caters to the needs of your audience and be in the first page of search results.

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