Getting to Know SEO: Why Search Engines Are Not Crawling Your Website

Wondering why your site is still not showing up in search results even after it went live? There are tons of reasons why this is happening. Some may be a bit technical while others may simply means it’s not optimized enough.

To identify what are possible reasons behind this, here is a list of them.

Reason #1: It Is a Newly Launched Website

seo crawling and indexing

If you just launched your site recently, you can’t expect it to be visible on searches immediately. You’ll have to wait for weeks before it shows up. This even depends on how fast search engines will crawl and index your site. Before you start panicking, know that Google is rather slow when it comes to crawling websites. So it’s not something you should worry about.

Reason #2: There Are No Index Tags Yet

no index tag

Another possible reason for this is your website lacks index tag. For those of you who are not familiar with this tag, it is a code which allows search engines to crawl, read and index your web pages. The tricky part is, since it is a custom code, it’s easy to make mistake upon its setup.

Many times, website owners forget to enable the index tag which blocks off the search bots from crawling the pages. This in turn may greatly affect the visibility of your website of search results. So, before publishing, be sure you allow index code. Unless they are pages you don’t want users to see, that’s the only time you’ll have to disable it.

Reason #3: The Website Is Not Optimized for Searches

Prior to launching a website, you have to ensure that it is already optimized for both user and search engines. If search spider found your website lacks relevant content and entries, you’re unlikely to appear on searches. This is why you have to ensure that you’ve covered all the optimization needs in order to be visible. Providers of best SEO services said that many site owners often overlook this step. As a result, they end up redoing everything. To avoid that and ensure indexing of your website, be sure they’re optimized for search bots and users.

Reason #4: You Have Highly Competitive Keywords

competitve seo keywords

Using too common and generic keywords might also be the reason why you have a hard time making your website appear on search results. The more competitive the keywords you pick, the more difficult it is to get at better ranks. This is true especially if companies targeting a specific keyword group provides a more accurate and relevant results. Thus, it’ll be pretty impossible to even appear on SERPs.

You have to remember that, the purpose of search engines is to give the users the information they’re looking for. With thousands of companies to compete with, the competition is pretty tight. However, when you target specific and unique keyword groups that exactly represent your brand, you have better chances. That’s why you have to consider using long tail keywords that truly describe what you’re offering.

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These are just some of the possible reasons why your website is still not appearing on search results. To get a wider understanding about this specific topic, you can research more about it. There are a lot more confusing areas in online marketing, the only way for you to overcome is to study and research. This way you’ll know which action to take and direction to go for.

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