How Important are Keywords in a Domain Name and Some Tips on What to Include

Domain name is the unique address of your website that can be typed by a user directly on the url box or through a search engine to visit your site. It appears on the url bar right on top of a window every time you visit a page. 

It might also be helpful to know about how domains work in general but for this piece we will focus more on the importance of incorporating keywords with it.

Keywords tools used for SEO. These are words or phrases that can help search engines identify what the whole content is about. It is critical to incorporate them properly since algorithms, no matter how advanced, are still just computers following a series or programmed tasks. 

SEO agencies in Hong Kong are offering seo services that handle this chore for you, following only the best strategies, within standard protocols and white hat practices. 

As you go along the topic of SEO, you will discover that the use of keywords are not just limited to website content. One of the other applications would be on your domain name.

So why should you put Keywords on your domain name?

SEO rankings. Whether it’s the good choices or the not so good ones, it can either boost or damage your business. 

Everytime a keyword in your domain name is searched, search engines include it in measuring how you compare to competition. Not only does it make another opportunity to appear in the search engine results page but also promote traffic towards your website.

Keyword Ideas

Let me give some key tips on what the domain names include. There are actually a lot, but we will just mention some. 

Brand. A branded keyword is unique to your website that includes your brand name or a variation of it. An influx of clicks usually comes from launching this kind of strategy but it is not a stand alone plan. You need to establish brand awareness from other campaigns first, from there queries including your brand keyword will increase.

Product. This is pretty straightforward, if someone is looking for a blanket and searches for it online, it’s much easier to rank if your domain includes such keywords. It works best for companies that offer specialized products or services that are unique for them. 

Location. Local companies have a limited target geographically, thus making use of their city or country’s name in the domain makes it easier to rank in queries of users included in their actual audience. It makes their efforts more intentional. This is attractive especially for users who take into consideration the locality of the products they are looking for. 

Domain names are not permanent and you can always buy a new one, but the time, effort and resources lost will take a toll on you and your business. Consider your choices carefully. 

A short combination of words, if done right, sticks better than a whole essay. In an era when it only takes seconds to click and close a window, we need to be proactive to succeed.

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