Is Your Website Optimized for Mobile?

With Google’s Mobile-First Indexing, optimizing for mobile users has been more important than ever. Apart from Google diving into mobile indexing, what other reason is there to optimize for mobile?

The answer is pretty simple—users are searching for businesses with their phones.

Now, imagine a customer landing on your site and seeing your site not optimized for the mobile experience. That can mean a business loss for you.

Mobile and desktop browsing yield completely different experiences for users. This is why mobile optimization should always be a part of your SEO strategy. To know if your website is optimized for mobile, seasoned digital marketing companies in Hong Kong share these insights:

1. Content should be easy to read.

One of the first things visitors notice when it comes to websites not optimized for mobile is how content gets cut off from the screen. Mobile-optimized websites adjust to the user’s screen so the content becomes easier to read and doesn’t require them to zoom or scroll horizontally to see the entire page. If your website has content that’s wider than the screen, it’s time to revamp your website to be more mobile-friendly.

2. Avoid heavy files or images on the site.

An important aspect of mobile optimization is page speed. If it takes more than three seconds for your website to load and display content, check the elements that hinder your site’s loading speed. Start with heavy files or large images. Remove unnecessary files or compress the file size of images to make your website load faster on mobile.

3. Check your website using multiple views.

You don’t actually have to own different devices to check if your site is mobile-optimized. Many tools can allow you to see how your website appears on different devices. Some of these are Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, Responsive Web Design Testing Tool, and BrowserStack.

Remember, businesses that make the first move in optimizing for both desktop and mobile have the advantage. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this in your SEO strategy. Let our experts help you.

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