Key Points for SEO on Google’s Product Review Update for July 2022

What is a google product review update and what’s it for?

Google product review update is simply just as it says, an update on “product reviews” and the factors that determine their quality. 

SEO and Product Reviews

Since reviews are also a type of content, their quality is being measured by googling through keywords, composition and backlinks as well. In short, reviews influence SEO rankings.


Given that the recent update only took 6 days to roll-out while previous updates needed a few weeks, indicates that the update this time does not carry major changes. There doesn’t seem to be much update on the tracking tools. Rankings and website traffic has remained the same with limited changes.

Although the update is not noticeable for a lot of products, we picked up some points that had brought considerable points of interest especially for bloggers and writers whose content revolves around products and service reviews.

New Guidelines

Product reviews are an important factor that help both users and searches discern product truthfulness and credibility. Unhealthy exploitation of review benefits can lead to fake and spam reviews being produced by the same company or third parties hired by them. 

These have become problematic and in this update, Google has introduced new best practices and added criteria to address this concern.


Google introduced adding multimedia content on a product review as a new best practice. Adding a video or photo showing the person’s experience using the product solidifies its credibility. Quality review is but an honest assessment. 

Multiple Links to Purchase

Google will now give more credit to reviews that provide multiple links to other sellers where such products can be purchased. Adding alternative links help users find the best possible deal.

Detailed Product Experience

How a product fits the user, its color, texture, weight and all specific descriptions that are helpful for the audience to understand how using the products feels. 

Details Beyond What the Manufacturer Provides

Adding all these details signals Google that the review is made by an actual person who has used the product and establishes the writer’s expertise.

Comparison to Competition

Along with providing your honest opinion, discuss the product’s strength and weakness and how it compares with competitors. Keep in mind that a review is not made to sell products but to help your audience find useful information for their own decision making.

Google’s Continuous Effort for Improvement

Google, in recent years, has dominated the search engines choice for users worldwide. The simple reason would be that compared to other search engines, Google provides the most relevant information based on a few words on the search bar. 

Despite having the most share in the search engine market, they still strive to improve their services by checking and updating the Google algorithms used to determine relevant and high quality content as needed.

Evolving Guidelines

What works now might be obsolete in the future. Continuous development for better strategies and evolving algorithms changes the playing field constantly. 

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It’s important to follow the latest guidelines to publish meaningful reviews. Drive organic traffic by making use of the best SEO practices in making reviews and following these guidelines. 

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