Last Quarter Review: 2019’s Top Digital Marketing Trends

Changes in the digital marketing arena have been shaking traditional marketers to their core. Owing to the fact that the cyberspace climate is rapidly evolving, trends in the industry are ever-changing as well.

You don’t have to be a professional marketer to keep yourself abreast of these trends. Just about anyone who has a business, most especially those with an online presence, should be up to date with what’s in and what’s hot in digital marketing. This year, digital marketers have their fair share of the many changes and trends that greatly influenced the way they use online platforms to promote businesses.

Here’s a quick guide to the three of this year’s most prominent digital marketing trends that are more likely to stick around for the years to come.

Omnichannel Marketing

“Omnichannel” is more than just a buzzword among marketing folks. It pertains to a multichannel technique that involves different marketing touchpoints to collectively function on each available channel. The main goal here is to provide customers convenience all throughout their purchase journey.

Over 80% of marketers consider social media as the top digital marketing channel. It is, however, observed that not all customers engage on such platforms. Other channels that marketers tapped into include ephemeral videos, podcasts, mobile apps, live chat, live broadcasts, and offline events. Other traditional means also started to gain popularity, such as offline ads and direct mail. According to a digital marketing agency in HK, these channels proved to be effective ways to boost existing marketing strategies.


Chatbots have been on the rise. They started to pop up everywhere – business websites, social media feeds, and even mobile applications. Most chatbots are designed to answer users’ questions and help them with a simple task. There are, however, advanced chatbots that even double as virtual assistants and digital concierges.

When chatbots became famous, digital marketers thought of other ways to maximize their use. They served as shopping assistants, lead qualification tools, website navigation guides, talent recruiters, and many more.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is not really new but this trend has reached greater heights recently. In fact, video is expected to play a huge role in the marketing economy in the following years. In the US alone, the video will make up over 85% of all consumer internet traffic in the year 2020. Here’s something more interesting: the videos that people prefer are not from businesses but from individuals.

Check out YouTube and you will find tons of influencer interviews, how-to videos, product reviews, customer testimonials, and event videos. Businesses also started to pay celebrities and online personalities known as brand ambassadors to feature their products or services and upload video content on their own social media accounts.

Brands can produce professional-looking (and even cinematic quality) videos, but take note that people thirst for good content rather than high-quality video. People favor content that shares information, entertainment, and story.

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There you have it, three of the most notable digital marketing trends this year. Expect these trends to continue to influence the industry in the coming years.

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