Mobile Search Engine Optimization Keypoints

Mobile SEO is search engine optimization especially designed for viewing on mobile devices. Mobile devices are handheld gadgets that can perform operations similar to a computer. The most common examples of mobile devices are smartphones and tablets. 

Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing

As early as 2014, Google has given attention to mobile-friendly website pages. The leading search engine introduced mobile-first indexing in 2020. The announcement prompted that content should be suitable for mobile device users as they will index websites on this feature first. 

The switch in indexing priority became a problem for old websites that are designed for home computers. They either improve their websites or take the risk of dropping in rankings.

Mobile vs Desktop SEO

Mobile vs Desktop SEO

Before mobile devices became popular, website designs are focused on desktop user satisfaction. Smartphones have become popularly accessible to the public in the 2000s and have since grown to be more than just a communication tool. 

There are a few notable differences between a desktop and mobile internet experience.


The size and orientation for SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are significantly different on these two platforms. Words and images need to be adjusted into mobile-friendly formats to make sure users have the best internet surfing experience. What fits in the landscape screen of a computer will definitely not look as practical in a 5-inch portrait-oriented smartphone. 

A smaller-sized screen will have limited space for information during searches. Different from a computer screen where you can section off data and information in an abundant space, doing so in mobile view will be challenging to read. Designers should implement strategic placements of content for the best results. 

Confusing displays can off-put potential leads and hurt a website’s health. It only takes a few seconds for a user to take a look at your website and determine that it’s impractical for mobile interaction. This can increase the bounce back rate for your website.

Impact on Local SEO

Impact on Local SEO

Most mobile devices have a GPS (Global Positioning System) installed. This gives search engines a more accurate location base during the time of the search. 

Mobile searches tend to be more location aligned. SERPs in mobile devices display the most suitable results based on the search locale. The same keyword search may produce different results for someone located in Hong Kong compared to someone based in the US. This local SEO factor ensures a better user experience.

Other Factors

There are other factors at play that are not as heavily weighted as the first two. Included are app-related searches. SERPs in mobile devices include app packs and recommendations when searches indicate an intent to purchase or don an app. There are also information searches using mobile cameras that are exclusive to mobile devices.

The Popularity of Mobile Devices

The Popularity of Mobile Devices

There are almost 5 billion internet users in the world. More than 50% of those use their mobile devices to connect to the internet. It is crucial for SEO experts to include mobile device factors in designing and structuring their site and its content. 

People spend more and more time on their phone year after year. Not investing in mobile SEO is detrimental to making sure your website is going with the latest technological trend. The mobile industry usage is projected to only grow in the future.

Get Ahead Through SEO

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Technological advancements had made information easily accessible through the internet. Billions of people having mobile phones in their hands is a golden opportunity for websites. Missing out on this opportunity can cause irreversible damage as your competitors get ahead of the game.

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