Simple Ways to Add Depth to your Website Design

A flat and boring website design is a big no-no in this very competitive online world. You have to make your website as attractive and thoughtfully designed as possible not just to catch the attention of your visitors but more importantly, to give them a positive online experience.

One of the best ways to enhance the overall look and feel of a website is adding depth to its visual elements. This way, you can make the pages look more interesting and create a sense of realism and structure in the design. Adding depth is also an effective means to highlight certain elements in the pages.

According to SEO service providers in Hong Kong, professional web designers use different features to add depth to website design. Here are some of them.

Realistic interfaces

Realistic interfaces use shadows, gradients, and glossy effects to emphasize certain parts of a website. They are commonly used to make CTA buttons stand out. Too much use of certain realistic interface features, however, can make the website look “too busy.” But when used properly in the right places, they can surely add depth and interest to your site.


Wrapping is done to make certain page elements look like they are floating over the background. It also lets you to add a number of elements on the same page without resulting to an overwhelming look. There are a few wrap options to choose from, including ribbons for headlines and CTAs.

Overlapping grids

Making your grid layouts overlap and stacking them on top of each other can also help achieve depth on your website design. Doing so can make chosen elements appear closer than others and create an illusion of depth. Slight drop shadows are often used with broken grids to create emphasis around certain elements.

These are only some of the simple yet effective ways to make your website stand out from the rest. Consult with professional website designers for more solutions.

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