Sitemap Overview: Types and Importance

A sitemap is basically the blueprint of a website. It provides information about the pages, videos, and other files on a specific website. In addition, it determines the relationships between all of the information on the website. Generally, a sitemap lists a websites most important pages. With this, it enables search engines to find all of the significant pages.

Search engines, such as Yahoo or Google, read the sitemap to crawl websites more efficiently. The sitemap allows the creators to tell these search engines which information on the website are important. In addition, it also provides valuable information about the files.

Sitemaps are especially important for when a website is really big, for when a website has a large archive of pages that are not well linked together, for when the website is new with few external links, or when a website has a lot of media content.

Types of Sitemaps

There are different kinds of sitemaps that may be generally used by SEOs in Hong Kong.

1.) Image Sitemap

This is used to allow search engines to locate all images within the website.

  • Video Sitemap

This allows search engines to understand the video contents within the website.

  • News Sitemap

This allows search engines to find content on websites that are approved for search engine news.

  • XML Sitemap

This is considered as the most common type of sitemap. These are created explicitly for search engines.

  • HTML Sitemap

This is considered as the second primary type of sitemap. This can be visually seen by website viewers for easier navigation towards a specific page. This  is usually found in the website footers.

Importance of Sitemaps

With all that was mentioned, we can conclude that sitemaps are important for a website. Here are some of its importance:

2.) Increase Visibility in Search Engines

Since sitemaps tell search engines which pages are important, it allows search engines to put the right content on display when searches are made. The more visible the website is on search results, more people will be able to view the content of the website.

  • Increases Visitors of Websites

Sitemaps ensure that every page on a website is visited. This is being done by ensuring that all contents of the website are gathered and bring the connections of the searches to other related topics. Eventually, more visitors will be linked to the website through organic search.

  • Highlights the Purpose of the Website

Sitemaps defines each and every website’s value. SEOs in Hong Kong utilizes SEO to include keywords in the sitemap and creates anchor texts. These anchor texts are a great way in ensuring that all keywords are relevant for a page.

  • Identify Areas for Improvement

After creating the sitemap, the creator will be able to see the flaws in the creation of the website content. For instance, duplication on pages can easily be found and removed. In addition, the site’s architectural design can be easily seen and things that can be done to improve it can be considered at once.

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