Solopreneur’s Guide to Effective Social Media Marketing

Solopreneurs can benefit from a solid social media marketing strategy. It doesn’t require much legwork or a large salesforce to begin with. It’s actually as easy as S-O-C-I-A-L. Here’s how to make an efficient social media marketing strategy.

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Careful planning is the key to an effective social media marketing strategy. Streamline your efforts by planning everything ahead. Keep a calendar of events, launches, and announcements. Automate your tweets and Facebook posts. Research about trends and tailor hashtags for your followers. By strategizing your social media activity, you can efficiently manage your time as a solo professional and attend to other business duties.


Optimize your social media profiles to create positive impression when you appear on search results, in and out of the app. Use a professional, high quality profile picture. As a solopreneur representing your personal brand, go for a good headshot with a professional, smiling face. Don’t forget to fill in your information, especially your brand description and contact information.

Create Content

Content is at the center of every social media marketing effort. Create original, valuable content to engage your audience. Make it shareable so you can maximize your exposure inside and outside the site. Keep tweets to about 30% sales and 70% useful content for it to be effective. When it comes to Instagram, it’s a cardinal sin to post a poor quality image. Post images that will not only stop your follower from scrolling, but will also make them double tap and maybe even re-gram.


Connect with your followers aka your market. Join groups, reply to comments and relevant tweets, ask questions, spark discussion, answer queries, and use timely hashtags. Not only will this allow you to strengthen your online presence and grow your following, but also establish leadership and community/market involvement.


Explore Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Ads. These are great options to promote your brand and increase your customer base. You can run your ads on a cost per click (CPC) or cost per mile (CPM; impression-based) basis.


Solopreneurs should take advantage of local marketing to gain qualified leads. Aim for potential clients in your own city first before you expand to a greater market. While social media lets you connect with anyone across the globe, it’s smart to focus your digital media marketing efforts on your community before you conquer the world.

Running your own social media marketing as a solopreneur is not as complicated as you think. Just remember SOCIAL – strategize, optimize, create content, interact, advertise, and localize – and you’re on your way to a successful online business journey.


Social Media Strategy: Starter Guide for Solopreneurs

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