The Basics of Creating Excellent Facebook Videos (Part 2)

Last time, we talked about the basic tips on making Facebook videos that are worth watching. We discussed how long they should be, how to start them, why you must think of them as a movie trailer and so on.

This time, content will be our focus. Here are some tips and tricks on creating videos that are worth the like, comment, and share on Facebook.

Know your purpose

Start by knowing your goals. In this step, you must consider how you want your brand to be represented. Do you want your videos to educate, inspire, or entertain your audience?

Providing useful information to your Facebook followers is one way to show that you care for and value them. Videos that provide step by step instruction or any useful information and guide can be a big help to your customers. This way, you are not only educating them, but also adding value to your brand.

If you want to inspire people, then you must capitalize on emotions. Topics must be relatable and timely so you can touch hearts. Share stories of success to motivate other people. When your followers see value in it, they will share your video until it gets the attention that it deserves. Aside from providing inspiration and message of hope, it is also a good way to share values that your brand believes in.

If your goal is to provide entertainment, then go for videos that are light and informal, yet of good taste. Make your audience smile and laugh, but never forget to impart values to them. Give them reasons to believe that behind your successful business, there are real people who are very much like them.

Stay true

People trust brands that are honest and truthful. This is why you must endeavor to keep your videos as close as possible to the reality that we live in. State only research-backed facts and make sure your audience can easily relate to ideas and concepts. Always have in mind their unique needs and interests.

Lastly, do not look at your Facebook video as mere promotional materials. Use it as an avenue to build better connection and trust among your network, a chance to build your brand image. When done correctly, this platform could be your ticket to online success.Consult with SEO expert in Hong Kong for more information on creating winning Facebook videos.

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