Three On-page SEO Elements You Must Focus On

SEO involves a number of processes and methods in order to work. It is like a machine with different parts that need to work in harmony to get the job done. As the Search Engine Journal puts it, one must get all these parts right to make the entire process work.

Here is a quick guide to three of the most important aspects of on-page SEO that you have to focus on to succeed online.


Content is king. We know you heard it many times before but this saying never gets old as it never gets irrelevant. Content remains one of the most important elements of the optimization process. So naturally, you would want to make things right when it comes to your website’s content.

Create content that matches the informational needs of your visitors. Make sure that it is unique, original, relevant, and of great value to your audience. As for the length, content in text form must be at least 300 words, but 500 words as average works just fine. The meatier the content, the better, but you have to make your content consistently interesting and relevant to your visitors’ needs. Writing content can be daunting so many businesses tap the service of digital marketers that specialize in content creation.


Keywords pertaining to words or groups of words that online users input in the search engine to look for a website. The first rule when it comes to on-page optimization is to use relevant keywords. Otherwise, a website would not make it to the organic search results pages. When we say relevant keywords, it means using terms that are frequently used in Google searches and are closely related to your business.

Keywords must be strategically integrated into your website’s content. It also has to appear in the page title because the search engine also looks into it. Keyword use must be done in the most natural and fitting manner, instead of merely inserting it all over the place just for the sake of mentioning it. Be careful in the use of your keywords if you don’t want to get penalized by Google.

Meta Tags

Title tags are HTML elements that serve as the title of the web page and appear on the search engine results pages (SERP). To make effective meta tiles, they have to be 50-60 characters only. According to MOZ, titles that are under 60 characters have a 90% chance of appearing as a complete text because characters can vary in width. Note that the max out of Google’s display titles is at 600 pixels.

When it comes to meta descriptions, they can also be at any length. But remember that Google truncates snippets to 155-160 characters. The best practice is to keep these elements long enough to be sufficiently descriptive.

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Both elements should be optimized with keywords so that search engines can easily find your page’s relevancy to searches made.

These are only some of the most important on-page SEO elements that you need to focus on. Learn more about these by consulting with digital agencies that practice the best SEO services.

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