Top SEO Trends in 2021

SEO has been around for a while now and has become successful in driving traffic to websites in the past. However, SEO has been evolving throughout the years. The tough competition has made lots of businesses seek the help of trusted experts and hire an SEO agency in Hong Kong. Some even acquire and invest in tools that help them improve and keep their SEO strategies up to date. 

Businesses always want to catch up with changing algorithms and be updated with the latest trends in SEO to adjust accordingly. 

Here are some SEO trends in 2021 that may potentially impact the way businesses strategize to reach their target audience this year: 

SEO in Mobile Phones

Making sure that your website is compatible for mobile devices is a must in 2021. As people are almost always on their phones, searches are also most likely to be done through them. 

Improving user experience in mobile phones may help with boosting your mobile SEO. It’s time to make your websites more responsive in mobile devices, as google searches through phones continue to grow exponentially. There might come a time that google will focus more on your mobile site than your desktop website to determine the rankings. 

User and Search Intent (Content) 

Having quality intent content is a growing trend in SEO in 2021. It’s the same with how strategies should be centered on user behavior and the intent on search queries. If businesses understand the way the users behave, find out what they’re looking for and constantly provide them with answers, then it would be beneficial for both the business and other users as well. 

Businesses should pay attention to the users’ search intent, for it will give them more ideas as to what type of content their audiences would like to consume. 

Video Content 

Videos, especially YouTube videos, have continuously influenced SEO, and it’s a trend that must be acknowledged in 2021. Because of the impact of videos in SEO, it might be worth noting that your SEO strategies should contain video content or component. After all, YouTube has over 1 billion users making it the second most popular search engine after Google. It’s definitely high time for businesses to incorporate videos. 

These trends may be useful in how businesses would make sure their strategies are up to date, not only for this year, but the years that would follow. 

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