Top Sites to Get Royalty-Free Music for Your Video

One of the most essential elements of a video is the audio. A video must not only be captivating in the eyes, but must also be pleasing to the ears. However, royalty for music can be expensive. Moreover, it is possible that you can be tracked for using illegally-downloaded music. 

Good thing there are websites that offer royalty-free music. Video production companies in Hong Kong suggest that beginners in video-making may resort to these sites. Here are some of them:


Dan-O is a US-based producer who posts his mixed songs on his website at What’s awesome is that you can use his songs for free when doing projects or presentations. But you’ll have to pay for a fee if your video will be posted online.

Free Soundtrack Music

This site lets you search by color association! You can search for a soundtrack that ‘sounds green’ and you can use it for your video production for free. You just have to credit the composer or the producer and link the site’s URL

Partners in Rhyme

There is an abundance of royalty-free music for you to download in Although some of the tracks can only be used if you pay for them, there are also free tracks available. You can help the producers by mentioning them in the credits.

Moby Gratis

If you need a royalty-free music for a non-profit and non-commercial video production projects, then you can go to You will have to fill up a short form on where you are going to use the music and then you will receive the high-quality file within 24 hours.

Motion Array 

Just by signing up for a free account on this site, you will get access to thousands of their free-to-download track collection.  You also have an option for monthly and yearly subscriptions for their premium files. 

With these websites, you can totally make your videos more captivating without having to pay for expensive music licenses. See which works for your videos and start creating your visuals today. 

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