Twitter Tips for a Successful Online Venture

Effective Twitter marketing has become a lot more complex in recent years, even for experienced social media marketers with corporate SEO training. What was once a platform for people to share their thoughts within a limited number of characters has now turned into a powerful marketing platform for many brands to reach out to their audience. Here’s how you can use this bird app to improve your brand’s online rep:

Customize your profile to showcase your brand


When someone visits your Twitter page, you want to make sure they can easily figure out that it’s yours. So, make sure your company’s Twitter profile has all the relevant information – your company name and logo, colors, and other important details that the audience can easily associate with your brand.

Schedule a Twitter chat

Hosting a Twitter chat is an excellent way to engage with your followers in real-time while discussing a certain topic. This is also an opportunity for you to get immediate response from your audience about a project you’re currently working on. First, pick a topic, create a unique hashtag, and set a time and date when the “chat party” will happen. Make sure to include other time zones as well, so more of your followers can join. With the hashtag you’ve picked, more people can participate and view all the responses, creating an increased sense of community. 

Get that blue checkmark

twitter social media

Depending on your brand, industry, or the size of your company, you may want to apply to have your account verified, which will increase your profile’s credibility. Twitter policies limit the types of accounts that can apply for a verification, but if the platform accepts your application and your profile gets verified, you will receive a badge or a “blue checkmark” right next to your handle, which means your account is authentic.

See how easy it is? Once you’ve done all these, you’re all set to get your business thriving online!

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