Understanding Web Traffic

Web traffic is simply defined as the number of web users visiting a particular website. Despite its simple definition, web traffic plays a massive and complicated role in measuring the effectiveness of a website and the digital marketing efforts poured onto it.

Web traffic is measured in “visits” or “sessions.” As the world of digital marketing advances, the measure of online success is not anymore limited to how many people visited the site. It is much more complicated than that. Other metrics used can be simplified in the form of question such as the following:

How long did the visitors stay?

There is no sense in luring in a lot of visitors to your site if they leave the page right away. This is where other metrics such as bounce rate and page duration enter the frame. Web traffic is not just about how you attract traffic but also how you engage and provide them with good website experience.

How many of the visitors made a purchase?

A huge amount of traffic is good for the website only when it is the right traffic. The ultimate goal of attracting visitors is to make them buy your product or service. With this in mind, you have to first target an audience who are more likely to buy. The ratio of the sales you had to the traffic you have received is known as the conversion rate.

Web traffic can be complicated but with the help of digital marketing Hongkong, things are much simpler to grasp and online goals are easier to achieve. Seek the help of qualified digital marketers to improve and measure your web traffic wisely.

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