What Are SEO Services: Different Types for Different Purposes

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, has grown in significance through the years. Now, it is no longer optional for any company worth its salt. It is a must. With that said, perhaps you are considering getting the services of a local SEO agency. But where do you start?

If you have a basic understanding of SEO, you at least know that it can help you get more eyeballs to your website. But what are the specific SEO services offered by a Hong Kong SEO agency, and do you need all of them?

Technical SEO

If you already have a website with some content on it, you will benefit greatly from technical SEO improvements. Some SEOs would say that this is part of on-page optimization, but this service specifically focuses on what goes on behind the scenes. Some technical changes that can boost your SEO include improving website speed, setting up a secure service connection, and enhancing your site’s code efficiency.

On-Page SEO

Everything that is on your website–every element–plays a role in on-page SEO. Every landing page should have a good page title and description and should be mapped with a keyword that you are aiming to rank for. Content should also have relevant headers that divide the text into bite-sized pieces of digestible information. The content itself is also crucial in your site’s on-page SEO.

Off-Page SEO

Some experts would say that off-page SEO is synonymous with link-building, but it involves other areas that improve your website’s niche authority and trustworthiness. You do not want just any link; you want links from places of authority. You also want to be present on social media, where a good portion of potential users are, and direct them to your landing pages.

Mobile SEO

Over 60% of searches are now done on mobile. This has influenced Google’s decision to display mobile versions of websites rather than desktop versions when the search is coming from mobile. This means you will benefit from mobile SEO services that enhance the functionality of your website when searched on mobile, as well as improve its page loading speed to avoid turning away site visitors.

Local SEO

Whether you are an international company or a local company with a single branch, you want to rank in a particular location that is relevant to your niche. A shop in Causeway Bay would want to be seen by customers located in Causeway Bay more than it wants to be seen by customers on the other side of Hong Kong.

Voice SEO

Another recent development in SEO is the rise of voice search. While text-based search is still dominant, voice search can no longer be ignored especially because voice assistants are embedded in many mobile devices. These are potential transactions you might be losing if you ignore voice SEO.

These are not the only SEO services you can get from a reputable agency in Hong Kong. Have a clear idea of what you need for your business so that you can communicate this clearly with your SEO agency.

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