What Is Green Web and How Does It Work?

Web hosting companies use a lot of energy to run their servers and server farms so they can give round-the-clock services. Other features, such as cooling controls and upgraded security settings, also consume a significant amount of electricity. 

The use of so much energy has a negative influence on the environment. As the name implies, green web hosting is a web hosting solution that is powered by environmentally beneficial resources such as renewable energy.

Natural resources are used to generate renewable energy, which is re-usable. The most frequent natural resources are hydroelectricity and wind power. Nowadays, renewable energy is used to generate electricity for different types of buildings. 

Green web hosting, often known as eco-friendly hosting, is Internet hosting that uses green technologies to help the environment. Planting trees, carbon offsetting, putting grass around and over Data Centers, directly powering a data center with renewable energy, and other day-to-day actions like energy conservation and the usage of energy-saving appliances are all examples of green hosting.

A green web hosting can be achieved through various steps such as the following: 

  • Improving server airflow, which would allow operators to employ greater cooling temperatures;
  • Using computer equipment that runs on low voltage;
  • Using computer equipment that runs on low voltage;
  • Contributing to other green groups that encourage energy saving and efficiency, as well as renewable energy;
  • Using outdoor air to supplement active cooling during warm weather;
  • Buying Renewable Energy Credits or directly creating renewable energy;
  • To enhance the loading of the HVAC system, isolate cold air from hot air produced by the servers (which improves efficiency);
  • Replacing inefficient computer room air conditioners (CRACs) and other HVAC components; and
  • Usage of energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors in the building.

If you plan to commit to green web hosting, you can start with these basic steps. It’s time to make a difference today!

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