What’s Poppin: Digital Marketing Trends and Innovations in 2022

The digital marketing world is ruled by quick changes and updates. This is why businesses and marketers alike keep their eyes peeled for what’s new and what’s coming online. They must keep up with the trends or else they will drown in the highly competitive cyber marketplace.

Trends have great impact in the way businesses use Internet platforms to advance their marketing strategies. For instance, the rise of stories and live updates on social media channels as well as the growing popularity of media-sharing apps has opened new avenues for brands to reach more and more online users. The digital marketing world does not stop there, nevertheless. Here are some of the trends and innovations in 2022.

Social Commerce

social commerce

Social commerce means products are bought directly through social media ads or post. Also known as shoppable posts, these posts let buyers make a purchase without leaving the site or app they are using. This trend is not exactly new but it gained more popularity after the launch of Instagram Checkout in 2021. This trend makes perfect sense because 54% of people on social media use it to search for or buy products.



Chatbots are software programs created to interact with site visitors and customers. They are designed to communicate naturally and answer queries in real-time. Chatbots can save you time and increase customer satisfaction. They make clear and informative responses allowing customers to make good decisions. Advanced chatbots can even serve as virtual assistants and digital concierges.

Video Marketing

Not exactly a fresh innovation, video marketing is expected to become the “it strategy” in digital marketing in the coming years. Experts say that video will represent 85% of all consumer internet traffic in the US this year. This explains the growing popularity of video content ranging from product reviews and customer testimonials to how-to videos and influencer features.

Next-Gen SEO

Google’s BERT update has greatly affected the SEO world. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers and is an algorithm that uses natural language processing to go deep into a website’s content. This means sites that are clear and well written would see an increase in traffic. As suggested by the experts over and over, websites must be for people and not for the search engines.

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These are only some of the hottest trends and innovations today that you should now. Talk to a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong to learn more about them.

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