Why Local SEO is Important for Your Business

SEO is short for search engine optimization. 

To put it simply, it is the process of improving your content structure on-page and off-page for better visibility. Better visibility means ranking higher on a search engine results page and making it more probable to be clicked on by a user.

Local SEO is a specific strategy that focuses on a particular city, region or country. Limiting the target geographically might look like limiting your opportunities, but it is not. 

Narrowing the search results positions your business at an advantage.

Why Users Search based on Locality

Convenience. As much as online searches broke boundaries of geography and made distance meaningless in terms of business and communications, people still make an effort to find  suppliers and service providers nearest to them. 

If a product or service is urgently needed, it is natural to search for the shop that can provide them immediately. Sometimes completely ignoring other factors such as price or quality.

It doesn’t only apply to essentials as well. Not once are there whims cravings and one just types “icecream oaks blvd sacramento” on their phone. Now you wouldn’t want to miss that chance simply by not putting your location as a keyword, right? 

Security. After years of spending hours on the internet and looking at countless stories of frauds and such, most people have developed trust issues to some extent. 

People are searching for services near them just to check if they have a physical office they can visit. In some cases, they do it in case of warranty or backjobs. 

Specialization. When a place has a specialized product, users also do searches with the name of that region. 

Searching for “Kansas burnt ends” to make sure only options from Kansas city pops up are regularly done by meat enthusiasts looking for this bbq variety.

Unfamiliar Area. Whether it’s for work or leisure, traveling also spikes up searches based on locality. When you’re in foreign land, you feel helpless for simple things like looking for a place to eat or buying a charger. 

Even before actual travel, searches are being done by tourists so they can plan their itinerary ahead of time. Results are usually adjusted to your location, but always, and during pre-travel you must type the place you want to target to limit the search.

Work Proximity. Companies and individuals both have reasons using local searches. 

Businesses look for “partners” that are near them to make transactions easier. For occasions when representatives of each company need to meet face to face, there will be less burden of traveling.

Working individuals also do local search. Long working hours means having less time doing everything else. To improve efficiency they look for services near the workplace to accomplish menial chores.

An example would be looking for a laundry service along your commute route so you can drop them off before going to the office and pick them up after work.

Local SEO is Important

Now that we know why users search locally, it’s much easier to acknowledge its importance. 

There are people who do it and they have specific reasons why. Efforts with this in mind helps marketers have a more targeted approach. 

There is a separate set of strategies needed to address local SEO. For your business success, partner up with an agency that does not only focus on general SEO, but can boost your Local SEO as well. 

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