All About Mobile-friendliness and the Impacts of Mobilegeddon

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of a website. When a website is mobile-friendly, it does not only comply with the criteria set by Google and major search engines but also responds to the major shift of behavior among Internet users. More and more users today are switching to mobile gadgets to access the World Wide Web, giving them more convenience in performing searches for their daily needs. This is the reason web development is now focused on creating websites that are compatible with all types of screens other than desktops.

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When Google announced its mobile-first search index, developers started optimizing their websites for mobile devices. While the goal was to get to the first pages of the search results, one big driving force was the need to provide visitors with a positive browsing experience.

Let us look deeper into the great importance of mobile-friendly websites and the impact of this so-called “Mobilegeddon.”

Mobile Usability and SEO

Companies specializing in local SEO in Hong Kong emphasize how mobile-friendliness and SEO go hand in hand. If search engine bots find out that your site is not designed for mobile browsing or loads too slow, you have small chances of ranking high. Mobile usability remains a key factor in determining your website’s worthiness for the top spot. In other words, being mobile-ready goes a long way in boosting your SEO efforts.

Mobile-Friendly Design and Content

The advent of Mobilegeddon also sparked a great need for responsive web design. This pertains to the ability of the website to load and display according to the size of the device screen from which the site is accessed. This adaptability makes the site ready for viewing from smartphones and tablets of all sizes.

Other than the layout of the web pages, the contents of the site may also be subjected to adjustments. Contents can be auto-resize or truncated to boost mobile-friendliness. Responsive design can also mean content simplification, navigation options alteration, and even drastic adjustments in the overall look and feel of the website.

Responsive web design also means redefining quality content. Text content, for instance, should be wisely written and laid out, especially because space matters more than ever. Content must be written as concise and short as possible. There must beheaders and callouts to guide your visitors through your content. Calls to action should also be strategically placed in prominent areas.

The mobile-friendly update is not only a trend started by tech giants such as Google; it is a call to optimize websites to cater to the growing and expanding needs of Internet users. More importantly, it encourages businesses to be more mindful of how they can reach the growing number of mobile users that represent a new generation of consumers.

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