Meta Tags and Their Roles in SEO

Meta tags are tags that contain information about a web page and its elements so that search engines and website visitors know immediately what it is about. They can highlight a particular element of the page’s content so that it stands out in the search results and guide human users.

Meta tags come in different types that play different roles, some of which are related to SEO purposes. Here are some of them.

Title Tags

The title tag serves as the title of the page. Displayed as the most prominent lines of text in the search results, it also serves as anchor text and title for social media shares.

Meta Description

Meta descriptions appear as snippets under the title tag. They are short descriptions of the page’s content and can affect click-through rates. As there is limited space available, descriptions must be concise and clear.

Alt Text

Alt texts are basically text alternatives to images. They are the words or phrases displayed when the photo does not load. It also tells the search engines what the image is about. With these reasons, alt texts are important in optimizing the images used on your web pages.

Header Tags

Header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) serve as headings and subheadings used in a page’s content structure. They are technically part of the visible text content as they guide the readers through longer pieces of content. At the same time, they serve as guides for the search engines to have an in-depth understanding of the page’s content.

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