Six Steps to Online Success: SEO Strategy Guide (Part 2)

Last time, we discussed the first two steps in achieving online success through an effective SEO strategy. The first step is to understand the current search engine climate in order to give your optimization journey a clearer direction. The latest algorithm updates must be considered so that all aspects adhere to the search engines’ indexing and ranking requirements.

Creation of good quality content is the second step. When we say good content, it is something that is unique, valuable, relevant, authoritative, credible, sharable, and keyword-optimized. Content is one of the most consistent among Google’s ranking factors; so it pays to give this aspect the necessary focus.

Moving on, here are your next steps to fortifying your SEO strategy.

Step 3: Choose the right keywords

The keywords you want to rank for also play a big role on your SEO journey, suggest professionals in search engine marketing in Hong Kong. To begin with, they have to be popular but as much as possible unique to your site. Good keywords must represent your website’s content and what your business offers, be it goods or service. It is also important to make your keywords target physical locations, especially if you are a local business serving a particular geographic area. This helps make your site relevant to local searches and worthy of a high organic rank.

There are many different keyword research tools you can use to explore keywords and their variations. Also make sure to incorporate these words and phrases whenever possible on key areas aside from website copies, such as the title tags and meta description.

Step 4: Make your website mobile-friendly

Failure to make your website compatible with mobile devices can largely hurt your SEO. Google’s mobile-first update in 2018 underlines the great importance of mobile optimization. The search engine prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly, in response to the growing number of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices like smartphones. This is why it is important to make your website and its features fit perfectly on smaller screens. Otherwise, you are losing the opportunity to connect your business with the millions of mobile device users around the world.   Watch out for the third and last part of this guide for more information on making a successful SEO strategy.

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