Three Different Types of SEO Content

Content plays a significant role in search engine optimization. It is not just a way for businesses to share information, send messages, and promote their brand in one way or another, but also for them to tell the search engines that they deserve to be indexed and listed on the SERPs. But not all businesses are created equal for they have different audience/market, objectives, and simply preferences in achieving online success. This is the reason there are various types of digital content.

Here is a closer look at three of the most common types of SEO content.

Blog posts

A blog page serves as an avenue for a business to share relevant information to their audience, which is essentially an effective means to establish their reputation in their field as well. They post content on a regular basis to engage their audience and ensure the quality of their post to attract links. Blogs are a versatile content platform because they allow you to share various types of content: from simple informative articles to comprehensive guides.


Listicles or simply lists (such as this article) are another popular form of content that tend to drive good traffic because of people’s inclination to exploring numbered content. They usually contain a rundown of certain things falling on a particular topic or category, or a countdown of “the most” or “the best” of just anything under the sun. Lists can provide either useful information such as tips or entertainment such as compilation of interesting stories.

Video content

Video content appeal to many online users today, according to SEO agency HK. Compared to traditional text-based content, videos tend to be more interesting and easier to digest, aside from being highly visual in nature. It can also be used to present a wide range of content, from interviews and event coverage to tutorials, short films or documentaries, and many more.

As people go digital in almost every aspect of their lives, SEO content remains a powerful tool for businesses to reach to them. With different content forms and types, people will never run out of options to learn and satisfy their needs, the same way businesses will never run out of means to achieve online success.

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