What are the SEO Trends for 2022?

In recent years, we have seen SEO become the most important aspect of online presence, particularly because Google has rolled out big changes that resulted in a reshuffling of search engine results pages. To stay afloat, you need to be aware of the SEO trends in 2022.

Below, we’ve listed the most significant trends to keep in mind as you optimize your web pages.

Tightening Your SEO Fundamentals

We cannot talk about SEO trends without drawing your attention back to the basics. Any SEO agency in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world will agree that the basics still, and will always, apply. Always make sure you are paying attention to content quality, on-page SEO, backlinks, technicals, and industry-specific ranking factors. All content should remain up-to-date, original, and in-depth. Meta titles, descriptions, header tags, and images should be optimized as well.

User experience should also not be compromised. Page loading speeds must be considered. And lastly, when it comes to backlinks, the focus should always be on high-quality sites. Use public relations, content marketing, and guest blogging to establish a connection with high-quality sites.

Publishing Long-form Content


Research shows that longer content results in higher ranks on average because they are more likely to show your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in your niche. However, this long-form content should be well-researched and properly structured to give good results.

Using Keyword Clustering

As you are writing long-form content, you have an opportunity to include clusters of keywords with the same user intent. This gives you a better chance to rank higher, as Google considers your content more relevant to the main keyword. There are plenty of tools you can use for keyword research, and a simple spreadsheet can help you cluster them according to user intent.

Leveraging AI-generated Content and Content Optimization Software


There is nothing that beats content written by humans for humans. In fact, this is one of the reasons site owners connect with an SEO company in Hong Kong that can provide quality content. No one wants to pay money for low quality.

Where AI-generated content can be useful, however, is during the conceptualization of your content. It can help with title or topic generation, meta tag generation, and outline or first draft creation. If you don’t know where to start, AI-generated content can help speed up ideation and generate ideas for you. Still, it’s highly recommended that the finished product should be written by a skilled SEO team to make sure it reads well for your target audience.

Using Schemas and Rich Snippets

Google is happy when you use schemas and structure your content in a way that shows how exactly it should be displayed on the search engine results page. Using schemas and coding for rich snippets also help your content stand out. Every year, Google supports more schemas, so go ahead and take advantage of this.

Writing for ‘People Also Ask’

Writing for ‘People Also Ask’

Part of your content can show up in the “people also ask” section–an important section that sometimes even ranks higher than rank 1 on the search engine results pages. It is estimated that the PAA section shows up on almost half of search queries, which means your content will be exposed to a sizable number of searchers. Writing answers to long-form question keywords can be your ticket to showing up in this section even if your main content ranks lower on the results page.

Now that you know some of the SEO trends this 2022, it’s time to come up with actionable items that will help improve your overall ranking. Contact Concinnity today to know more.

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