What does White Paper Submission do for SEO and Why it Matters

White paper is a formal, long form, published content that resembles a case study without naming an actual product or service. A typical sample contains citations, figures and facts with authoritative references as support. It presents datas and concepts after careful research to ensure truthfulness and credibility.

Although it is used as a marketing tool, it does not contain promotions. 

Its exclusive purpose is to educate and do an theoretical analysis of a problem and provide an extensive explanation on a solution. As a business, this is an opportunity to show your expertise in the field. A rigorous understanding of an industry and what that industry sees as an obstacle is the stimulus that brings forth the birth of a white paper. 

Unlike a blog or an article, white papers have definite goals. It follows a definite flow. It does not simply represent the author’s knowledge but also uses other content sources from other creators to further solidify expertise on the topic at hand.  

White paper and SEO working together


Authority building

While the initial stages of building links in SEO is to improve visibility, it is only to make a website or page rank higher relative to a search. The authority that is established when keywords are properly crawled, searched and indexed to your website positively affects this. 

Given that technical papers are traditionally in PDF format, one might worry about its practical application. But, through digital advancements, URLs of PDF files just need to be included in the sitemap or be discoverable within the site’s HTML pages so search engines can pick them up.

Website Traffic

As long as the white paper exists on your site or has a connection there, the chances for other pages to be clicked on increases, thus influencing your site’s visit counts. 

Brand Recognition

After mentioning earlier that white paper does not directly mention services or products, this might sound contradicting, but it is not. Remember that they are mostly made by the company themselves, from there, readers can have a feel of what the company offers. 

Why it matters

Audience Satisfaction

Since the purpose of this technical paper shys away from the usual outright marketing efforts, it has a high chance of delighting readers. For the sole reason that it’s not inserting unnecessary and disruptive ads, it gives off a sincere approach of wanting to deliver useful information without wanting something in return. 

Like  any other digital marketing mechanisms, white papers and SEO is also just a tool to make it easier for people to find valuable content. 

SEO Link Building

Creating white papers might or might not convert to sales in the long run, but the sheer effort poured into these papers makes them valuable in itself.

Since it serves a specific purpose other than selling, it comes hand in hand with SEO to build a connection that is useful for marketers and the company. Impressive writing and irrefutable facts need to be properly placed for it to work in your SEO’s favor.

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