Why You Need SEO for Your E-Commerce Business

For most e-commerce websites, being visible on search engines and ranking high is a top goal. This is what e-commerce SEO services aim for. There are other traditional methods that may land you at the top of the search engine results page such as paid search, but it may be difficult to maintain in the long run and is not practical.

What is SEO and Why is it a Big Deal?

SEO E-commerce

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of driving traffic organically from search engine results. SEO is also responsible for helping sites and product pages rank higher on search results and will ultimately increase a brand’s online visibility. Higher search results mean more visibility and, ultimately, means more people would be able to find you – which is crucial for every brand and e-commerce site.

Take a look at some of the crucial roles of SEO for E-commerce sites and how impactful they could be:

The Role & Importance of SEO in E-Commerce Sites

  • commerce sites need to rank high, and their products should do better on the search page compared to other competitors, so they reach the right audience to make these potential customers choose their site. This is where SEO proves its crucial role.

SEO strategies that are centered on e-commerce can make this happen when it’s executed right, and make your sites rank higher. Through SEO, consumers will also be directed to your pages that offer the answers and solutions based on their search intent. You may also save more by spending less on paid searches or advertisements, as SEO in e-commerce may be beneficial in the long run and be a consistent source of driving organic traffic to your site.

Sales Come from Organic Traffic; SEO Drives Organic Traffic

Research revealed that at least 39% of e-commerce traffic came from online searches. Stats also show that a huge bulk of sales of e-commerce sites are mainly from organic traffic. Google and other search engines had changed the game for the way shoppers discover and research about product.

According to a study, 49% of consumers are reported to rely on information from online searches when it comes to deciding on a purchase, and a total of 68% of shoppers reveal that search is one of the top influential factors on their purchasing decisions. This only highlights that retailers have a higher chance of increase in conversions through online visibility with SEO.

SEO Improves Overall User Experience

SEO aims to understand your shoppers and what they need. For maximum visibility to be achieved, sites would also need an optimized user experience. SEO can also help improve the usability of your site for better rankings. Keyword data gives you an insight on what the consumers are searching for. The sooner they find a site that provides what they’re looking for, the sooner the sale comes. If these keywords are present on your site, then it would improve the overall user experience.

These are some of the key factors as to why e-commerce should view SEO as a crucial part of their site.

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