3 Outdated SEO Practices You Should Stay Away From

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an important strategy to many online businesses today. This is why companies are putting a lot of effort in developing a good strategy that would help them reign over the searches. Unfortunately, in the years that SEO has been practiced it also had undergone major changes. This means that there are processes from before that are no longer applicable to today’s algorithm. Still, it’s unavoidable that there are some who keep on doing those even though it can negatively affect the standing of their campaigns

.That’s why to save you from committing the biggest mistake with your strategy, here is a list of outdated SEO practices you must refrain from doing.

Keyword Stuffing

seo keyword stuffing

One of the most outdated practice from before is keyword stuffing. This process involves the repeated use of keywords on a single web page. Today, when Google detect your site practicing this, your website can be considered as spam and worst be penalized. One basic keyword rule you need to know is to limit the use of keywords to an entire page for less than 3%. Additionally, only use keywords that are related to your service and create a content around it.

Link Buying

seo link buying

Many companies think that having tons of links pointing to their site gets  them on top. While it is true that links improve search traffic, it can be the cause of their downfall. You have to remember that more than the quantity of links, Google will still consider the quality of links you’re submitting. So, contrary to the past practice of link buying, you need to work on building links on quality websites. Now, you may ask what does qualify as quality links, the answer for this would always lie on the amount of benefit users can get from it. Only a good digital marketing company in Hong Kong would know the importance of this. That’s why you have to be careful about who to hire to do your campaigns.

Bad & Irrelevant Content

irrelevant content for seo

Google has been clear about what they want to see on your website. To make sure you become relevant to searches, you need to produce content that would supply users with the answers they need. In other words, you need to focus on what you can give them rather than promoting your brand. If you only care about advertising your products and services, then you can’t expect better ranking position on search results.

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SEO is an important element to ensure the success of your online marketing campaign. So, if you want to ensure your website is in good standing, it’s important you follow ethical practices. Take note of these things and be sure to update your SEO strategy. The world of SEO is constantly changing which means you have to keep yourself updated on these things. If you want to dominate the organic search, this is just the way to go. If you’re unsure on which direction or step to take, don’t hesitate to talk to an SEO expert to be guided accordingly.

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