How to Leverage SEO and Paid Ads for Your Business

In digital marketing, SEO and paid ads are two of the most common strategies that many businesses use to increase their online presence. Some prefer to stick to organic traffic, while those with a more sizable digital marketing budget don’t mind the extra push that comes from search ads. You’ll hear some people saying these are two sides of the same coin.

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But, do you have to choose one over the other? No.

In fact, it’s not a matter of which you need to use for your digital marketing strategy; it’s about how you’re going to leverage the power of both. That’s what you’ll learn from this post.

Here are the ways to leverage SEO and paid ads for your business’ digital marketing strategy:

1. Using Keywords for Both SEO and Paid Ads Campaigns

Keywords are the foundation of a digital marketing strategy. These are important for both SEO and paid ads, as keywords help you determine how to optimize your website for better rankings and create ad copies that target the right users.

Do you know that you can use the same set of keywords for both SEO and paid ads? For instance, some of the search terms you’ve identified during your keyword research for your paid ads can be used as additional terms for your SEO content. An SEO in Hong Kong may recommend using these keywords for a particular page to boost its ranking. Some keywords may be your low hanging fruit, which, with a little optimization, can help your business improve its search presence.

2. Optimizing Pages and Content for More Conversions

While SEO and paid ads differ in how traffic gets to the website, the sentiment of what you want users to do is still the same – to become your customers. SEO and paid ads may dab a bit into conversion rate optimization.

This is evident when creating landing pages and content for SEO and paid ads campaigns. These should be conversion-focused, targeting the intent of the audience you want to capture. For instance, the ads you’re running should direct visitors to a well-optimized, user-friendly page so you have more opportunities of converting them into customers.

3. Running Both SEO and Paid Ads Simultaneously

SEO and paid ads complement each other. While paid ads can provide you with instant traffic, SEO drives organic traffic from search results. By running both SEO and paid ads campaigns, you can boost the number of traffic coming from different sources – whether paid or organic.

Think of it this way: you have paid ads on top of the search results and your website is ranking on the first page of Google. In essence, you’re dominating the digital landscape and gaining an edge over competitors.

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