5 Ways of Using SEO for Lead Generation

SEO is a marketing tool that is used to make your content easier to find during online search. In the sea of content the digital world has to offer, this strategy is particularly crucial. 

Lead generation is the process of getting people interested in you and inspiring them to make a purchase later on. Marketing experts offer their services tapping different strategies that fit your company. To cite an example, this marketing solutions provider based in Hong Kong offers their lead generation solutions, emphasizing partnership with clients.

Both have the goal of positively affecting business and influence each other through overlapping functions, but the fundamental result they aim for differs. Proper SEO is focused on generating organic traffic towards your website while lead generation is concentrated on growing the pool of  potential customers for your business.

Using SEO for lead generation is great. When you get traffic towards your site, lead generating contents keep the potential client as an actual one.

How to use SEO for Lead Generation in 5 Ways


Simply creating content for SEO can attract readers to check out more about your business. This includes posting regularly, using keywords and proper meta description all factor in on whether a user clicks on that link.


Visuals include images, videos and corresponding alt texts. Overall experience of the user is improved and while a user is delighted, it’s much easier for them to be inspired to check the products from the company that provided such satisfaction. 


Creating links back to your website increases ease in navigation and also helps search engines crawl each page thoroughly. Links that land on external but quality content and authoritative sources add value to your own content. 

Once the search engines pick up and your own website builds authority, it encourages other websites to create links back to your website as well. This builds your website’s relevance and authority, thus, ranking it up higher on the search engine and makes it easier to be discovered.

Call to Action

A clear call to action that is found by a user after being discovered through SEO efforts obviously gets a better chance of immediate lead. While the appeal is not directly part of SEO, the strategies leading to that point are.

Social Media

Like the previous method, social media does not involve SEO directly as well, but since it has flourished to a force being reckoned with in today’s times, marketers have found a way to use it for SEO strategies as well. 

Posts on social media platforms are not being crawled or indexed, but marketers throw in those keywords on social media posts regardless. Why? Because when a user decides to find out more through search engines outside the initial platform, they naturally use the words or phrases originally used. 

Comparing the two of our main subjects, lead generation has a more direct correlation towards increase in sales, but it does not make SEO less important. 

SEO success is on a longer time frame so it takes a lot longer to see substantial results, but with proper nurturing and over enough course of time, SEO produces results that go beyond the cohesiveness of content by bringing in potential customers in.

You may implement one and not the other but SEO and lead generation works better together since they ultimately have the same goal, and that is to create opportunities for your business.

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